Yoga Classes

Yoga Basics Yoga for the beginner or a practitioner seeking a solid review. Do you want to try yoga, but don’t know where to start? Too many options and styles? Start here! This class will take the time to explain each breathing exercise and posture to you, concentrating on proper alignment and working within YOUR ability level. Approachable meditation techniques will be taught. Questions will be allowed in class so that you leave feeling knowledgeable and ready to come back, not confused and discouraged. This is not a “gentle” class, rather a foundation. If you have physical restrictions, please try Gentle Yoga Basics (see below):

Gentle Yoga Basics is a low impact version of Yoga Basics (see above), using props and modifications to provide students with comfort in each position. Meditation, pranayama (breathing), traditional asana (postures), and a long svasana are always honored in this rich experience. Classes may include a gentle yin sequence, a few restorative positions, or yoga nidra to wind down before a generous svasana. This class is perfect for the student seeking a slow, meditative practice, in need of a softer practice, or in desperate need of some realigning TLC. Studio provides all necessary props.

Kundalini Wake up and raise your vibration quickly and efficiently with an energizing and dynamic Kundalini Yoga class. We will take our dormant energy and bring it up through pranayama, mantra, kriya and meditation. Bring a little Sat Nam into your weekend.

Restorative Yoga Roll Out This therapeutic Yoga Tune Up® class combines the best of gentle yoga positioning (props and variations provided to work comfortably in any body, even with injuries) with massage therapy techniques and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). The Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls will aid in warming up muscles and joints, removing excess tension, improving breathing, and much more!  Learn to reTUNE your body in this highly effective yet restorative way so that every pose both on and off your mat is more comfortable.

Core Yoga is an eclectic mix of yoga styles, pulling the best core work from each. You can expect to target all of your trunk/core muscles (abdominal wall, gluteus muscles, hamstrings, quadriceps, serratus, and more) for a physically challenging class. Some poses will be slow flow, some may move quickly, and others may be prolonged holds. Opening and closing meditation with traditional pranayama (breath) work is not forgotten.

Vinyasa This flow style class is specifically designed to build the core and arm strength needed for standing balances, basic arm balances, twists, and inversions as well as increased flexibility. An apex pose will be properly warmed up for through a Vinyasa Flow, guiding with intelligent pointers broken down for students to take their practice to the next level. This class is perfect for beginner and intermediate students seeking to strengthen and explore their mental and physical practice, or for the advanced student seeking to support a regular practice. Modifications and options are always given to provide the right challenge for each student. Please note: we encourage our instructors to offer you a unique, enlightening, and personal experience in class. As such, “Vinyasa” as a class title will be different from one teacher to the next, and from Vinyasa classes you may have taken elsewhere. We sincerely encourage you to try all teachers and enjoy the many ways you can dive into this practice we call yoga. Level 2 indicates a faster flow, is more physically challenging, and includes deeper meditation. Please have a consistent practice before attending Level 2.

FAMtastic Yoga! Fun for the child and the inner child! This family class is designed to introduce children to yoga and healthy habits with the support and positive example of adult family and friends. Children age 3 and up (potty trained please) and anyone that cares for them are welcome to come and practice together. Neat games, yoga poses, and other fun things to do on your mat will be sure to spark everyone’s curiosity no matter their age. Special pricing for multiple adult/parents and multiple children available. This specialty class will occasionally be featured as a workshop, but can be scheduled as a private session any time with as few as 4 participants. Please email if you are interested.

Prenatal Yoga For expecting mothers, please call the studio to discuss appropriate classes to attend. There are several options, dependent on current trimester, doctor’s orders, and previous yoga/fitness experience. 203-915-7748

***TEENS: Age 12 and up students that show a dedication to learning and proper behavior may be invited to attend adult yoga classes with a guardian’s consent and the teacher’s approval. Please call ahead if you plan to bring a teen to a regular class. 203-915-7748