Boot Camp, Cardio

Boot Camp Taught by Rebecca, this very challenging workout uses mostly body weight exercises and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to whip you into shape. Workouts change daily- no two classes are the same! Fast results are yours for the taking if you put in the work. While any level of fitness can take the class (modifications for beginners and advanced participants are given for each exercise), this is for those that want to sweat and work hard. Boot Camp is for those seeking to reach new heights in strength, flexibility, and stamina, no matter where your fitness level starts. It is effective for fat loss and strength building, making it the perfect class for those with body contouring goals. Most classes use little or no equipment, so these moves are easy to repeat on your own at home if you suffer from a lack of workout creativity when left to your own devices. Warning: You will experience muscle soreness for your first few classes. How much soreness depends on your comfort level with it and how hard you push yourself. You can expect this to basically dissipate after about two weeks of regular attendance (2 to 3 classes per week). Occasionally hand weights, balls, or other props are used to offer variety. All students are asked to bring is a positive attitude.

Boot Camp Basics Did that last paragraph sound a little too intense? Not sure you want to dive right in? Try Boot Camp Basics to move at a slower pace with more beginner versions offered for each exercise. Learn proper form, build your strength and confidence at a comfortable pace, and see more of the same exercises each week. No experience necessary. This class is offered as needed. Please email or call 203-915-7748 for information.

Cardio Mix A fast paced, fun group exercise class! Follow along as we move together through several forms of cardio exercise. Any level of fitness can participate. No mat needed, wear your clean sneakers and bring water!